The Foundation of this line of clothing is to support injured federal agent Carlos Valles. On August 30th, 2023, Agent Valles was critically injured during an undercover operation in New Orleans, LA. Agent Valles has a long recovery ahead of him; however, he is a warrior with the heart of a lion. Proceeds from sales will be used to support Agent Valles and his family during his recovery. The 'HHLM' moniker originated from a tattoo that Agent Valles has that means 'Hermanos Hasta La Muetre" which translates to 'Brothers 'til Death'.

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Mug Sublimation and Vinyl

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How we Work our Magic


Direct-to-Garment, also known as DTG, is one of the few ways we imprint designs on apparel. For the process, we spray our shirts with a pre-treatment that allows the ink to bind with the fabric, giving it a vibrancy. After that, we print the design onto the garment, and dry it with a heat press. We often use DTG printing for fabrics containing cotton.

Direct -to-Film

DTF printing is another way we create our products. In this process, we take a sheet of transfer film and print the design onto it. From there, we cover the film with adhesive powder and melt it under a heat press. Once the adhesive is melted, we place the film onto the garment and press on the design with a heat press. This is typically good for dry-fit material.

Cup Sublimation

This is how we print designs onto mugs and tumblers! We take a sheet of paper meant for cup sublimation, and print out the design. While the design is printing, we dust the tumbler off to ensure no abstractions interfere with the pressing process. Once the paper is ready, we tape it tightly to the tumbler and place it in a heat press. After being pressed and left to cool off, we peel back the paper to reveal the design beautifully transfered onto the cup.